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Air Conditioning Re-Gassing, Repair & Replacement

car aircon hampshire

Not so many years ago, air conditioning was a luxury feature to have in your car, and only available to the privileged few; now, though, it’s the norm in many new cars and vehicles. Unfortunately, abusively low temperatures and faulty maintenance have led to health problems, triggering common disorders in some people and occasional major outbreaks of illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease. We take this very seriously, and when re-gassing vehicles we always perform an Anti-Bacterial Clean of Air-condition is not a mobile service we provide, its a service performed on our premises due to delicate equipment. Also regassing needs to be done in a safe environment away from the public.We can repair and make air-conditioning pipes. Prices for Air-conditions start at £25+VAT.

DPF Cleaning Service

dpf catIt’s what every driver of a modern diesel car doesn’t want to see glowing on the instrument panel – the dreaded DPF warning light. Replacing with a new unit can be very costly.
What does the DPF do?
The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) does a good job at reducing the CO2 emissions from the vehicle. But these filters can become blocked, causing various DPF problems like reduced engine performance and ultimately reduced combustion. Any make of vehicle fitted with DPF could be affected by this. We can carry out a full DPS service for your vehicle. Price POA

Clutch / Brake Repairs & Replacements

Just replacing pads or shoes may not ensure your vehicles braking system is working as it was originally designed. over time the same wear issues will affect the operation of hydraulic components like, calipers, wheel cylinders, and brake hoses. Failure of hydraulic brake components can lead to expensive repairs and loss of braking. We specialise in replacement of Pads, Disks, Clutches, Pipes etc etc.. everything todo with the hydrolic we can help with and we only use quality parts.
Manufacturers recommend replacement of fluids every 2 years reguardless of milage to prevent corrosion of breaking components. Price start from £35.00+VAT inclusive of fluid.

Head Gasket Repair / Replacements

head gasket repairIf you experience poor running or excessive water loss, or smoke from exhaust, then this could indicate your head gasket is failing.
We carry out Head Gasket replacements, when replacing the head gaskey, we always replace the head bolts, and replace the oil.
We also offer head skimming if the head requires it.
Head Gasket replacements from £400+VAT


mobile vehicle diagnostics hampshireCarrying out a car diagnostic can reveal a number of problems associated with the engine, transmission, electrical, exhaust system and other components of the vehicle. Modern vehicles designed with computer processors, microchips and sensors can be linked to a car diagnostic computer scan to pinpoint precisely where the problem exists. When sensors fail, prior to removal we test the sensor itself to confirm the sensor is faulty.
We also inform the customer of the price and get the customers permission prior to fitting.
Diagnostics from £45.50+VAT.

Gearbox Repairs or Replacements

gearbox repairs farnboroughToday’s cars are controlled by computers therefore it takes an expert to properly diagnose your problem. These problems should not be ignored—the longer they continue, the more damage may be caused. Before your vehicle becomes inoperative, give us a call, for an external diagnostic service. Our comprehensive process begins with a series of tests to narrow down exactly what your problem might be. This examination will help determine if you have an external problem or if you possibly have another type of malfunction.

Motorbikes Repairs & Conversions

motorbike repair hampshire
There are many things that go wrong with your motorcycle, and we at WLE have the experience to help with any problem you may have. We offer servicing, break pads, hose replacements as well as conversions and custom break hoses. Price on Application, Servicing from £70.00+VAT

M.O.T Failures & Appointments

M.O.T’s are very important tests and are required by UK Law. Being MOT certified, we are able to take your car to a local MOT testing station and perform an MOT on your vehicle.

Some of the things which are checked by the MOT are : Steering,  Brakes, Horn, Lights, Bonnet Catch, Doors, Vehicle structure,  Seats, Seat belts, Windscreen, Mirrors, Suspension, Exhaust system, Body Structure, Fuel system & Tyres and wheels. If the unfortunate event your vehicle fails its MOT, we at WLE will contact you with all information and price to repair your vechicle to ensure it passes the MOT. Prices from £50.00, this includes collect and return of vehicle depending on area.

Welding – Alloy/MIG & Steel

Vehicle weldingWe offer both aluminium welding (MIG Welding) and steel welding. Depending on the type of repair you require, we can cater for your needs. We also do Alloy wheel repairs too. Prices from £50.00+VAT

Diesel Engines

The two things working in favor of diesel engines are better fuel economy and longer engine life. Both of these advantages mean that, over the life of the engine, you will tend to save money with a diesel. Diesel engines like petrol, do have problems, and we at WLE have extensive knowledge of repairing and replacing diesel engines.